Quetelet prize


Each year the Institutional Members of the Adolphe Quetelet Society offer a Quetelet prize to one or two of their students. The prize is intended for students finishing a Master/PhD degree in which they produced statistical work with biometric applications to the best standards desirable for someone at their level of formation and experience. In the spirit of the Quetelet Society, “biometry” should be considered here in the broadest sense of the word, such as described by Fisher: “the active pursuit of biological knowledge by quantitative methods”.

The Quetelet prize winner will be provided with a certificate and an award up to 250 Euro.

Besides the prize of at most 250€ and the certificate of the Quetelet Society, the student will be invited to present his/her work at the Annual Meeting of the Royal Statistical Society of Belgium during a special Quetelet Prize Winner session (in the year following the year the prize was awarded). His/her registration fee (including accommodation) will be taken in charge by the Quetelet Society. The prize winner names will be kept in the books of the Society and published in the International Biometric Bulletin.

Prize winners of previous years

  • Robin Vandaele (UGent, 2020)
  • Max Taubert (UHasselt, 2020)
  • Oliver Dukes (UGent, 2019)
  • Sofie Van Waes (UHasselt, 2019)
  • Marion Louvel (UGent, 2019)
  • Johan Verbeeck (UHasselt, 2018)
  • Stijn Decubber (UGent, 2017)
  • Olywafemi Olusaje (UHasselt, 2017)
  • Zoé Pieters (UHasselt, 2016)
  • Katrijn De Paepe (UGent, 2016)
  • Koen Van Den Berge (UGent, 2015)
  • Jens Van de Weygaert (UGent, 2014)
  • Holger Cavallos Valdiviezo (UGent, 2013)
  • Kristof De Beuf (UGent, 2012)
  • Machteld Varewyck (UGent, 2011)
  • Matthias Kuhn (UGent, 2010)
  • Beatrijs Moerkerke (UGent, 2009)
  • Véronique Storme (UGent, 2008)
  • Bart Van Rompaeye (UGent, 2007)
  • Geert De Meyer (UGent, 2006)
  • Maarten Daem en Lizzy De Lobel (UGent, 2005)